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Vintage Top Hats Harlow

The Last Stop For The Curious with Hetherington Hats has one of the finest collections of Silk Top Hats, not just in London but in the world, with over 2,000 in stock at any one time.

When you come to choose your Silk Top Hat, why select from just a ‘few’ hats? At The Last Stop For The Curious your choice can come from hundreds of the finest quality Silk Top Hats available.
With such a significantly greater collection than any other retailer The Last Stop For The Curious affords you the opportunity to select from a far broader selection catering for all head sizes and budgets.

Silk Top Hats Harlow

We provide an extensive range of services including;
– Top Hat Wedding Hire London
– Film Industry Requirements both short & long term
– Personal Purchase (Shipped Worldwide)
– Event Purchase (Top Hats Royal Ascot/Queens Garden Party etc)
– Investment Opportunities
Our aim is to be the world’s foremost Silk Top Hat specialists and, in the Autumn of 2022, The Last Stop For The Curious will be opening “The World’s Only Silk Top Hat” shop in London providing a seamless bespoke service backed by our long established workshop.
Our service – which has been established for over thirty years – provides a perfect fitting and a superbly comfortable Silk Top Hat that is perfect in every way. We can do any top hat cleaning, polishing and repairing whilst also including;
– Your initials in gilt Helvetica capitals on the leather hat band and hat box
– Velour Polishing ‘Mouse’
– Vintage Hat Brush

Top Hats For Royal Ascot And Other Occasions

Come to the World’s Only Vintage Silk Top Hat shop and choose from over 2,000 hats to find the one that suits you best.
After all, if you are going to invest in a very specialised, quality product such as a Vintage Silk Top Hat come to the retailer that ONLY specialises in this and absolutely nothing else, come visit or contact us:

Phone: 07715861663


Silk Top Hats Harlow

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