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Paul is a serial entrepreneur and businessman in both the UK and USA who thrives on a challenge. As a Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher for over three decades, he also teaches a full range of individuals from a variety of careers from the police, military personal to students on handling their personal protection in real life situations. Paul start his career as a humble doorman around the clubs and pubs of north London from the late 70s to early 90s which he puts as the top experience in his people skills development learning the communication skills to enhance customer experiences and dissipate any conflict situation in a high stress environment. In conjunction he worked in the public sector within a small specialised team clearing the homes of tenants after their tenancy.

His entrepreneurial development started with his first business in house clearance resulting from his public sector employment experience which quickly grew to three shops in the north London area becoming so successful that the income generated gave him the means to emigrate with his family to Florida and buy his first house and a cleaning company in Orlando. He concluded a two year city & guilds in British Institute of cleaning sciences (BICS) prior to his purchase of the Orlando company. He returned to the UK with his family at the turn of the Century.

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Instead of returning to London he settled in Essex to help his mother run her Guest House and this is where his business accruement really took off, he had brought a rare Cadillac Eldorado convertible back from the USA and developed a company called American Dreams, which quickly ended up being one of the largest classic American car hire businesses in the UK. He built up a fleet of classic American cars including the grease lightning car ( the only one in Europe) the mystery machine, the Knightrider American cop cars, 1959 Cadillac, 1960 pink Cadillac even a Cadillac hearse and was hiring these out to film companies working with David Hasselhoff numerous times Tommy Lee, Shania Twain, and a long list of both British and American celebrities. In addition providing the cars for weddings and Proms services where customer service excellence is of paramount importance.

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Paul also acquired a unique Martello tower and developed this into a very successful children’s zoo with his family, until his wife got cancer about four years ago and the zoo had to close, his wife has now recovered and is cancer free. The tower is now in the process of becoming one of the most unique wedding and event venues in Essex. Paul’s most exciting business and greatest achievement to date is starting a local online business advertising directory called “Things To Do In” and his tenacity is remarkable as he has developed this directory by walking the streets and talking to businesses himself for the first year taking it to the size it is today. It’s through Paul’s incredible work ethic that Paul is now a formidable expert in all aspects of marketing, advertising incorporating the vital use of social media that has built this on-line directory to incorporate many of the towns and cities of the UK.

Paul’s passion in helping SME’s with their marketing and advertising coupled with the vital Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needed has helped numerous businesses get found on all major search engines, and uniquely builds each listed business their own micro-site helps with their social media, linking all towns together for minimal cost exposure for the businesses he supports with this passion.

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Dr. Davies over the last three decades has worked with 100’s of entrepreneur clients and businesses helping them lead, connect and innovate, taking their business’s to the next level. He has worked and lived across the world in the UK, France, Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and Asia involved in a full range of business sectors, their development and in technological supply chain evolution and marketing innovation for clients.

In today’s markets businesses are expected to grow as fast as the technologies surrounding them and Dr. Davies’s professional career started in the research and development (R&D) business within the public sector and as a managing director of a fast growing R&D business serving the defence industry. He has understood the market opportunities presented by rapid technological change, its impact on established markets and helped lead clients to take full advantage of such for over 30 years.  Educated at Imperial College, London one of Britain’s foremost institutions at both its Engineering and Business Schools, he brings his formidable talents, leadership and international networks to bear for clients on a one to one basis.

He has a particular skill in creating new market and customer opportunities for clients by applying a high degree of political skill in complex sales techniques deploying his international strategic and political experience for clients. For example, his industrial project leadership has opened up new supply and market opportunities internationally and his time spent in the US Health and Care market provides an expertise on both financing models and the delivery of innovative, quality services from the private sector to public sector systems.

Returning home to the UK for Brexit, he believes in the unbounded opportunities for the British entrepreneurial business base, regardless size of business or a desire to enter the entrepreneurial class. A passion he can help translate into your business and growth ambitions. Let him help you take it to the next level!

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Paul met Dr Raymond Davies nearly five years ago and ever since they have worked together internationally for a range of business sectors. It’s the combination that has created an awesome team with their blend of talents, personalities and passion for business now able to help clients to take their business’s to the next level in development and growth. They cover every aspect of business development integrating the marketing, SEO and advertising expertise. Their two skill sets bring together years of knowledge, business skills and wisdom to full bear for their clients. Making sure clients don’t make many of the mistakes that business owners make along the way of building their business’s. Showing clear paths to follow with the growth of your business in all areas, a priority for Paul and Ray.

It’s always good to learn from your mistakes but far more effective to learn from other people’s mistakes and cut to the chase to business success!

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