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Here at Krayzee Chamz Reptile Centre, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, knowledge of reptiles and being one of the best reptile shops in essex. Our passion, our love and our desire to improve husbandry for reptiles is in abundance in our store. We care, and we care a lot! Supplying quality animals, in prime health and setups at affordable prices. Our quality of livestock is second to none. All of our animals for sale are given the very best quality setups whilst in our care prior to sale. Our reptile store supplies all of the most popular reptile equipment and products. We have most in stock or can be obtained on a same day basis.

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There are many brands that we stock including Arcadia, Zoomed, Microclimate, HabiStat, Exo Terra reptile systems and many more. If you have a gecko then we have Pangea, Repashy, gecko foody and many more dedicated gecko diets. Other than that, there is plenty of reptile live food and dry products for you to choose from. The products we supply have been tried, tested and we are completely satisfied with the quality of the products. You will find products that are exclusive to our store like DMS Vivaria and others.

Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko’s And Bearded Dragons Available

We offer expert advice on many reptiles with chameleons being our speciality. In the past we have obtained awards for breeding chameleons and have obtained an outstanding reputation for quality over quantity. Here at Krayzee Chamz, we offer a lifetimes aftercare for your animal if purchased from our store which is unmatched by any other retailer in the area. All of our holding reptile vivariums in store are very well presented and kept to an extremely high standard. Where possible our animals are maintained in bio active setups, the modern and forward thinking reptile keepers approach to modern reptile husbandry. We at Krayzee Chamz Reptile Centre can show you the way to having a vivarium to be proud of. At the same time we can show you how to provide your animals enrichment in their vivarium environment.

As reptile keepers, we are duty bound to offer this for our animals.  All relevant products associated with keeping your animals in a bio active environment can be purchased at Krayzee chamz and the relevant advice is abound. Our reptile live food is a level of quality unmatched by local competition. Our selection of reptile safe plants is vast and of superior quality. Come visit us today, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Where animal welfare is paramount!


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