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We are a non profit organisation operating our of Harlow, Essex. Our main priority is to promote diversity, advance cohesion, and encourage dialogues by connecting communities. We do this by bringing people of diverse backgrounds together through food and culture. Through the gatherings and activities that we put together we tackle food poverty, reduce loneliness, encourage social inclusion, and support people’s mental health. There’s always a fantastic atmosphere and everyone that comes is friendly and polite, anyone is welcome.

We Promote Diversity, Integration And Social Inclusion In Our Community

Our services are free, non judgemental and non political. We manage this because we have an amazing team of passionate volunteers who go above and beyond their call of duty. They always have a smile on their face and they are fantastic at lifting people up. We wouldn’t get anywhere without our team so we are very grateful. Community Embrace UK is beneficial to everyone within the community who needs help. If you feel any of these ways about yourself or anyone you know then either come down yourself or bring someone you think could do well from being here.

Non Profit Organisation

If you would like anymore information then simply head over to our website. You can use the contact details a bit further down the page to speak with one of our helpful team. By following our social media pages, you can keep yourself in the loop with everything that goes on here. Whenever we have an event or gathering coming up you’ll know which days to pencil in your diary. We also post plenty of imagery of what we are getting up to. It’s easy to speak with us through our Facebook and Instagram pages, just drop us a message and see how you can get involved.

We look forward to hearing from you sometime soon.

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