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Are you looking to sell your car/cars in the near future? If so, you might have considered one of those companies that would ‘buy any car’. On the face of it they look like a good bet and would quote you a good price when you contact them on the phone or online. But it’s another story when you take your vehicles to them for inspection, every scratch or mark means money coming off the price and very often you will be offered 50% of the original quote and many people will accept that offer out of desperation and frustration. That’s where Cadmore Car Auctions can be of assistance.

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There is now another option opened for you. Cadmore Car Auctions will sell your cars with no commission and charge you only 15% on anything over and above the reserved price that you have put on the vehicle. This means that if you want £1000 for your car and we sell it for £1000 there is no charge to you whatsoever. If we sell it for £1100 you will receive £1085 so you only pay 15% on money achieved over the original price you wanted, and you will be paid as soon as the payment is made and cleared by the bidders.

The benefits of selling your cars through Cadmore Auctions:

  • It costs you nothing to try us!
  • We are able to store your vehicles until auction day
  • We try to achieve the best possible price for you
  • Our auctions are live online
  • We provide professional valuation service
  • Friendly and comfortable environment
  • You get at least the agreed price or more
  • Fast pay out
  • Specialised Auctions For Classic Cars

If you would like to speak to one of our helpful team members then please get in touch. All of our contact details are listed just below. You can use the map at the bottom of the page to see our exact location. Follow our Facebook page to keep in touch and up to date with our latest events and news.

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